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Harvard Yard Soil Restoration Project

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Launched in March of 2008, the Harvard Yard Project was a two-part study conducted within a designated one-acre test plot. One part was an effort to demonstrate the effectiveness of organic landscape management techniques by balancing the soil biology to increase nutrient cycling capacity, reduce water usage and compaction, and minimize the need for nitrogen application. Results were measured on a biweekly basis through November 1, 2008.

The second part of the study was to demonstrate the transferability of the technical and philosophical aspects of the organic land management

program to the Harvard Facility Maintenance Operations Landscape Services Division (FMO) so that it could be successfully continued and expanded in the future. This was and continues to be done through the transferal of diagnostic techniques, appropriate environmental response, composting recipes, and methods of compost tea application.

The project was very successful. Today 85 acres of the campus that is maintained by Harvard FMO has been transitioned to a fully organic program.

Watch a video on our Harvard Soil Management Project.

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Control Plot - 2 inches of Root Depth

Compost Tea Application Area - 6 inches of Root Depth

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