F2 Environmental Design

Managing the environment responsibly is a challenge that requires philosophical and behavioral change. The environment needs to be approached as a complete living system with a myriad of interacting parts both above and below the surface of the soil. We need to understand these components, how they work individually, and as part of a larger complex system in order to encourage and manage this valuable resource.

F2 Environmental Design bases it's landscape management techniques on encouraging and maintaining the natural living systems, through soil management techniques, applying custom blends of compost, liquid biological amendments often referred to as “compost tea”, and other biological amendments. This is all done at the site or at the nursery where specialized compost recipes are prepared for the specific needs of each project. The biological principles of nature are utilized to fulfill the needs of each landscape. This is a process based, diagnostic approach. This is important not only for the individual characteristics of each landscape, but the performance requirements of each project. This along with the data collected in regards to plant palette, soil characteristics, macro, and micro environments, is what F2 Environmental Design utilizes to make it's remedial recommendations.

The health and vitality of our projects are unrivaled in the industry and many are trying to mimic F2ED techniques. F2ED is staying ahead of the curve and on the cutting edge through continued research and development, often partnering with institutions such as Harvard & Princeton Universities.

Our work revolves around sustainability and it's core definition:
sus·tain·a·ble (suh-stey-nuh-buhl) adj. 1. to be able to keep up or keep going as an action or process 2. to be able to supply with food, drink and other necessities of life 3. to be able to use a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged.

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